Fairer Than Most ~ a shrine to Frogo Baggins


Bits, pieces, and things. Oddments lying around without category. Things that are...Frodoesque. Or concerning Frodo, if you will. This will never be a "proper" fansite (whatever that even is...), so consider this a literal personal scrapbook -- pictures cut out and pasted, poems written down, little scribbles. An adored book things I relate to the Ring-bearer. Tread gently, if you will.

Frodos Dreme
Post-quest Frodo had a dream...

Either from the boy himself, or about him.

Saying Goodbye
My 2003 self got very emotional about the movie trilogy ending...with decent reason.

Snapshot Beloved
A collection of pictures near and dear to my heart. Mostly movie images, but not wholly. ♥

More to be added when I can sit at a computer without falling asleep on the keyboard.