Fairer Than Most ~ a shrine to Frogo Baggins


Fairer Than Most originally burst onto the net as Bent in the dying days of Web 1.0, on Tuesday, February 26, 2002. It was named after the eponymous Matchbox 20 song. If I remember correctly, it was uploaded in the mid-afternoon. I began work on it in the July of 2001, and had originally meant to launch it in December of the same yera, but high school and health issues pushed the opening date forward. It's been online for twenty years as of February 26, 2022. FtM has lived on four hosts in total: undomiel.nu (2002), RosieSamFrodo.Com (2002-2006; thank you Mary!), Peredhel.Net (2006-2010), and Middle-earth.ORG (2010-2022). It now lives on its own host at Frodo.Nu! Yay!


Web 1.0 has died, and LotR/hobbit fandom is running at a very low ebb, so there are few fansites left in the world. Please forgive the sparseness of this link list. (And if you run or even just know of a Frodo/hobbit-y/LotR-anything-related fansite, please do let me know!)

Good-Natured (hobbits)
Ernil i Pheriannath (Pippin, archived)
Nowhere Elaborated (Rosie Cotton, archived)
CouncilofElrond.Com (LotR general, but lots of hobbitesque goodies)

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