Fairer Than Most ~ a shrine to Frogo Baggins


"‘A stout little fellow with red cheeks,’ said Mr. Butterbur solemnly. Pippin chuckled, but Sam looked indignant. ‘That won't help you much; it goes for most hobbits, Barley, he says to me,’ continued Mr. Butterbur with a glance at Pippin. ‘But this one is taller than some and fairer than most, and he has a cleft in his chin: perky chap with a bright eye. Begging your pardon, but he said it, not me.’" -- 'Strider', The Fellowship of the Ring, Book 1

Full Name: Frodo Baggins
Titles: the Ring-bearer, Frodo of the Nine Fingers, Mr. Underhill, the Halfling
Epessë: Iorhael (Sindarin, "wisdom through experience", lit "old-wise"), Daur (Sindarin, "noble"), Bronwe Athan Harthad (Sindarin, "endurance beyond hope")
Date of Birth: September 22, 2968 TA (Third Age)
Date of Death: Unknown (passed over the Sea to Valinor on September 28, 3021 TA)
Race: Hobbit -- of a strong Fallohidish strain.
Physical Appearance: Eyes are debated. Elijah Wood, who plays Frodo in New Line Cinema's movie adaption of the book, has luminous, crystal blue eyes. However, many Tolkien artists have depicted deep brown eyes. Hair is dark brown, curly.
Height: Taller than the average hobbit, perhaps 3'8" or thereabouts.


Perhaps you wouldn't notice him in a crowd, maybe not upon your first glance. But if you'd look again, you'd see something in those eyes. They're almost like... clear glass, filled with light, held up for all to see. There's a light of victory in those eyes. But there's something else, too. A sadness, a knowlege. Pain. He's seen too much, you know.

He's beautiful, that's clear. Short, yes, but fair to look upon. Elven features, extremely strange for such a creature -- he is a halfling, and their faces are inclined to be more good-natured than beautiful. But he, however, is an exception.

He's followed by three other hobbits -- one of them staying close to him, eyes slightly disapproving of the more...energetic...pair who trail behind him, mischief written all over their faces. It's hard to believe that those two are his cousins -- once and twice removed, respectively -- and the hobbit next to him is his dearest friend. His face breaks into a smile, and he chuckles, shaking his head.

You are distracted for a moment, and look away briefly. When you turn back, he is gone -- nothing is there but the crowd. You blink...no, nothing. Nothing but men and women, moving as they do and will. You shake your head. After all, there are no such things as hobbits.

However, you can't help glancing over your shoulder as you walk away, and wondering...