Fairer Than Most ~ a shrine to Frogo Baggins


Frodo sat, eating, drinking, and talking with delight; but his mind was chiefly on the words spoken. He knew a little of the elf-speech and listened eagerly. Now and again he spoke to those that served him and thanked them in their own language. They smiled at him and said laughing: 'Here is a jewel among hobbits!' -- 'Three Is Company', The Fellowship of the Ring, Book 1

Hello, and welcome to Fairer Than Most (originally known as Bent), a small tribute to my favourite fictional character of all time, Frodo Baggins of J.R.R. Tolkien's genre-defining high fantasy legend, The Lord of the Rings (and the various spin-off media it has launched, including several movies, radio plays, fan films, a musical, and TV series). Frodo is a simple hobbit from the Shire, living an eccentric but mostly quiet life...before a deadly inheritance sends him on a quest that nobody else could possibly complete. In taking this quest upon himself, he changed the course of Middle-earth's future. A high price was paid in the end, however...

Fairer Than Most is now celebrating 20 years online, and I can't see it disappearing any time soon. ♥ I have adored Frodo since I first read The Lord of the Rings; I still adore him now -- his courage, his sense of humour, his brave and selfless heart, and his endurance beyond hope. I cannot see a time when this will ever change.

Last updated 20 November, 2023.