Fairer Than Most ~ a shrine to Frogo Baggins


Changes made to the site, both currently and historical.

November 20, 2023

Minor housework done. As I noted over at Evenstar, things have been quiet around here due to my struggles with mentally uncoupling my love for all things Middle-earth in general with some unpleasant fandom associations, which is an ongoing challenge, but not one I am going to give up on any time soon.

September 6, 2022

Finally, finally, the affiliates are up and linked! I've been unforgivably slow in regards to that, for which I apologise. A little site housework also done here and there. Also...go watch The Rings of Power! It's absolutely wonderful; don't listen to the weird neckbeards saying otherwise. (Is Nori Brandyfoot somewhere far far back in Frodo's family tree? Because, I swear, those lovely eyes and that bone structure...!)

February 26, 2022

We have a new home on Frodo.Nu! I registered the domain on Boxing Day last year (the 20th anniversary of the Australian release of The Fellowship of the Ring!), so I've been keeping this one close to the chest for a bit, heheh. Also, we have a new layout! It's a little same-y on my part (think of it as a cousin to Evenstar and I can be forgiven for this), but I rather desperately wanted to get it online in time for the day of the 20th anniversary of the site. And I very much wanted a layout with Frodo smiling, after a literal decade and a half of the fourth layout's weepy 'goodbye' (oh, but there aren't really ever any goodbyes, are there? ♥ Love is forever.) Due to poor health, the entire overhaul I planned to give the shrine has obviously not happened in one workaholic swoop, but will be more sensibly spaced out over the whole year. Expect updates, like wizards, at the least likely time -- but they will arrive precisely when they mean to. Neither late nor early. ;P

January 6, 2013

So, uh...Bent turns 11 years old on the twenty-sixth of February. Excuse me, I need a lie-down.
In the meantime: Peredhel.Net became Middle-earth.ORG, couple o' links etc fixed, and more to come, too, 'cause apparently they released a new movie what had hobbitses in it, or something? I dunno...

February 1, 2009

So, basically, between now and the last documented update, Bent died, was resurrected at Peredhel.Net (around 2006, I'm guessing), died very briefly during December '08 thanks to some jerkoff hacker, and is alive again right this now. I know, it's old, a lot of the information is outdated and some of my opinions kind of make me cringe, so an update is on the cards ASAP. I'm not giving a definite date, because I know I'll miss it, but it'll be sometime this year.

January 29, 2004

Added "The Sea-Bell" to the stuff, and updated the about me page thing, and fixed my silly error in the lyrics. Egads!

December 4, 2003

Okay, okay, before you all bite me, there WAS an update between this and the last one documented...I just don't know WHEN it was, because for some harebrained reason, I didn't note it down. I think it might have been in the March of this year. Oh mah gawd. Anyway. What's new? Layout. A little essay on saying goodbye (read it and you'll understand). New guestbook (SIGN IT). And that's it for now. Over and out for another twelve months (joking!).

December 30, 2002

Four months. I know. I apologise. I really do. But so much shit happened in those four months, you would not believe. Firstly, my girlfriend below is now EXTREMELY my ex-girlfriend, and when she became so, she took my domain away. Goddamn Uruk-Hai...Bent was nowhere for about a month, until the butterflitic Mary-hobbit offered me hosting at RosieSamFrodo.COM. And poor Bent sort of just sat there, unmoving, while I tried to piece my life back together. I have Frodo disease, I'm afraid...anyway, stop my whining. NEW LAYOUT~! I hope you verily adore it, for indeed I love it. New fic! New sections! Hooray! That is all for now. I hope everyone had a very good Christmas and will have a similar New Year's ^^ Oh! And go see TTT! It is WORTH IT.

August 13, 2002

GOOD LORD. It's been six months since I last updated this place! Yet, I'm not stressed! I dun care! I'm liking this muchly. So, what's happened since Feb?
Bent moved to it's new home at UNDOMIEL*NU, my domain! Love and hugs and kisses and wild elf sex for my girlfriend Elrond, who bought it for me! Let's see. I've seen the movie a grand total of THREE TIMES now! Ain't that somethin'? Links have been given a big overhaul, and GASP! A new layout! Spring is coming (if you live in the right hermisphere **cough**) and Bent intends to celebrate. 130 days 'till TTT, you guys!

February 28, 2002

Messed about a wee bit with the "Sam" page, added a link!

February 26, 2002

Well, I'm three months late, but this baby is FINALLY UP!! REJOICE!! ^^ Now, I can sleep. W00t!!